Falck Renewables SpA.

Falck roup has recently consolidated its renewable energy production business into Actelios SpA, that changed its denomination into Falck Renewables SpA.

Falck Renewables SpA develops, designs, constructs and manages energy production plants with the aim of contributing to the population's energy requirements by producing clean energy from renewable sources, according to a precise business plan based on the diversification of production technologies and geographical areas. Thanks to this strategy, the company is flexible in its allocation of investments and has the possibility of mitigating risks and capitalising on market opportunities.

The combination of wind energy projects with photovoltaic, vegetable biomass and urban and special waste projects enables the company to obtain significant benefits by diversifying the risk profiles connected with the design, construction and management of the plants. The differentiation in the geographical location of the projects also reduces risks related to the laws and authorisation processes in each country, and provides a greater degree of flexibility as regards the optimum allocation of investments.

The expertise of Falck Renewables SpA covers the entire life cycle of a project, from preliminary activities (pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, technical/economic evaluation, optimum design of the plant, and financial plan) and executions (preparation of the contract technical specifications and contractual documents, negotiation and assignment of contracts, construction supervision), through to operation and maintenance and energy portfolio management activities. A primary role is given to development activities that, thanks to know how acquired in both Italy and overseas, encapsulates technical, commercial, legal, regulatory, environmental and financial aspects.

For further information, please visit www.falckrenewables.eu