The Falck Group was established on January 26, 1906 under the name ďAcciaierie & Ferriere Lombarde FalckĒ: ever since its founding, the Company has been in the forefront of Italyís industrial landscape by dedicating a great deal of attention to both the community and the environment.

The main focus of the Group at present is on the production of energy from renewable sources, activities based entirely on the principles of sustainable development to which the Company is firmly wedded.

Energy is second nature to the Falck Group which, right from its origins, has always boasted large-scale hydro-electricity production in order to guarantee power supply to its iron and steel factories.

The market is ripe for growth and the Company, thanks to its expertise, is today in a position to play the role of a highly reliable partner in the territories and sectors in which it has been operating; propose the design, building and operation of innovative and competitive solutions in the production of clean and sustainable energy.

With the Consolidation of all activities of Falck Group dealing with the production of energy from renewable sources, Actelios has become Falck Renewables SpA, taking its place among the biggest "pure players" in the European renewable energies sector.

The Group today has stakes in banks and companies.